June 21, 2024 By Bill Poulos, Profits Run

A 78-year-old man used this trade window to supplement his social security payouts.

There’s a little-known investment technique that small groups of retirees having been quietly using for years.

According to an article buried in the back pages of the Wall Street Journal, in one instance, a 78-year-old man was able to supplement his monthly retirement income using this same technique.

So, how did he do it, and just what is it?

Well, it involves a very short-term trade that opens and closes every week - in just six days. One of my readers calls this a "six-day trade window".

And the good news is that nearly anyone can learn how to place this trade - not just retirees.

In practice, you initiate this trade on a Thursday evening, and then you wait - for 6 trading days.

Then, on the next Friday, you close out the trade.

Unlike regular stock trading, you know exactly the maximum amount of money you can lose before you even place the trade - so there's complete risk transparency.

You also know how much money you can potentially make each week - so there are never any surprises.

Of course, this technique isn't perfect - so there's some good news and bad news.

* The good news is that this trade only takes about 15 minutes of your time each week to actually place, and you can do it in the evenings while the market is closed.

* The bad news is that you're not going to make huge, windfall returns with this trade. So, this isn't about finding the next Apple or the next Tesla. This is all about making short-term, smaller, consistent gains.

And that's why I think most people haven't heard about this technique before: small, consistent gains just aren't as newsworthy as big "homerun" trades.

That's why this story was relegated to the back pages of the Wall Street Journal, and why it will never make the front page.

So if you're OK with a "slow & steady", simple way to invest, then this strategy may be right for you.

This strategy uses a special type of trade known as a stock options trade. Most individual investors are nervous about using options because they don’t understand how options work or because they think options are too confusing or too complicated.

To help dispel some of the myths surrounding options, I’m making this guide available at no cost. It’s called Simple Options Trading For Beginners and this complimentary PDF is available for you here. Just enter your email address and it will arrive in your inbox in a few minutes.

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