“Blind” Man Races The Legendary Indy 500 Thanks To This Breakthrough Technology…

“This will produce the world’s first trillionaires” -- Mark Cuban

In this new video, a man drove the Indianapolis 500 at breakneck speeds…

...while completely blindfolded.  

He was able to navigate the track successfully thanks to a brand new technology known as “The God Network.”  

Paul Dellaquila, former executive of the biggest hedge fund in the world, said “this technology is going to change the way we live and work.”

Forbes added to that by reporting that it will “change everything”.

And Mark Cuban says this new “revolution” will produce “the world’s first trillionaires”...

That’s why investors are flocking to this new technology.  And one company in particular has people talking.  

We’ve uncovered a $9 stock that we think could lead the charge during the coming God Network worldwide rollout.

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