"How You Could Be Affected By The Richest Divorce In History And Pad Your Nest Egg"

Source: cnn.com

Forbes richest big cheese, Jeff Bezos, recently divorced his wife of 25 years in what could be the most costly divorce settlement of our time.  

And prominent short seller Doug Kass, a self-proclaimed anti-Cramer and CNBC reject, made a controversial sell off of Amazon right after the news.  

I suspect his move is just one of many that could affect you as an investor (and as an online shopper).

After all, a divorce often destabilizes a person’s image.  Jeff Bezo’s lewd pictures with Lauren Sanchez don’t help either.  And Bezo’s said, in response to Sears bankruptcy:

“Amazon is going to fail.  Amazon will go bankrupt.” He continued, “if you look at large companies, their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years.”

But the opportunity I am telling to you about today, although similar, is bigger than Amazon...

I believe the same controversy is happening with our nation now.  Trump is getting defaced much more heavily than Bezos. And we recently suffered the longest government shutdown in history (one more may be coming).  But one thing is different.

While Trump and Democrats battling about building a concrete wall on the southern border...

...President Trump may have already moved forward on this plan.  

Thanks to federal directive NSIS-2017, Trump’s ALREADY begun authorization on one of America’s most important security measures.

A Secret Wall.

One unlikely firm has been tapped to lead the charge on this new initiative.   Surprisingly, you can still pick up shares of this firm’s stock for about $8. But that could change quickly once news of this secret border wall picks up steam. 

This free presentation reveals why this little-known $8 stock could be a huge home run.

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