Investors Can’t Wait To Pour Billions Of Dollars Into “The Stupidest Idea In The History Of The World”

A professor at Washington State University made headlines when he called 5G technology “The Stupidest Idea In The History Of The World.”

Maybe he’s right.  But then again, this wouldn’t be the first time an ivory tower professor was wrong about a new technology.  Remember, Facebook, Apple and Google were invented by college STUDENTS… not their professors.

One thing is certain:  Stupid or not, 5G technology is coming.   And it’s going to be everywhere soon. Maybe you’ve even started seeing these “5G boxes” in your neighborhood.

This new technology is estimated to be worth $12.3 trillion.  

And it could create more than 22 million jobs....

We’ve discovered a $9 stock that could be at the forefront of the coming 5G rollout.  

This company has already inked deals with giants such as Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon…

That’s because those giant communication companies need this one tiny company to bring 5G to life.   

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