The Company That Hides Inside This Strange Building Just Handed Investors A 13,159% Gain

It’s been named as one of the 10 ugliest buildings in the world… but hidden inside this ugly building is a company that’s given investors an incredible reward.

Most investors haven’t even heard of Markel Insurance (Symbol: MKL). But this “boring” little insurance company has made many investors very happy.

That’s because the stock IPO’d at $8 but today it trades for over $1,100 a share! That’s an incredible 13,159% gain. That kind of return stuns many people…

… but not Warren Buffett. You see, long ago Warren Buffett recognized that insurance companies can be incredibly lucrative. That’s part of the reason why he acquired a controlling stake in Berkshire Hathaway –- now one of the highest priced stocks in the world!

Is This $4 Stock The Next In Line To Follow
“The Buffett Blueprint?”

Under Warren Buffett’s direction Berkshire Hathaway skyrocketed from $7.50 back in the 1960’s to well over $300,000 per share today.

Markel – another stock that followed this “Buffett Blueprint” soared from $8 a share to over $1,100 per share.

But I’ve just recently discovered another stock primed to follow this exact same “Buffett Blueprint” – and best of all it’s currently trading for just $4!

It’s my mission to help investors achieve financial security that’s possible with the right investments.

That’s why I’m sharing this urgent news with you while this stock is still at the $4 price point.

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